SMEtech in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s SME sector serves as a catalyst for progress, bolstering the nation’s workforce by creating 7.8 million jobs. Government initiatives driving digital adoption propel SME-tech startups and facilitate the country’s digital transformation. Despite persistent challenges, the sector holds considerable potential for global recognition, presenting untapped opportunities for expansion. Continuously evolving, the SME-tech industry reshapes Bangladesh’s economy, fostering efficiency and competitiveness across various sectors.


This research study delves into the vibrant SME-tech sector in Bangladesh, which comprises technology enterprises catering to small and medium-sized businesses and plays a pivotal role in driving the nation’s economic growth. With a noteworthy contribution of USD 96.52 billion (25% of GDP), SMEs demonstrate transformative potential with projections indicating a sectoral GDP growth of 32% by 2024. Government support and a tech-savvy population empower startups to thrive despite challenges in funding and skilled resources. This report promises to benefit policymakers, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing invaluable insights into the vast opportunities within Bangladesh’s SME-tech ecosystem.


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SMEtech in Bangladesh (August 2023)