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Innovision has been working on different projects in Nigeria since 2010 and so far completed 12 projects in different sectors. Innovision has supported the DFID funded Support to National Malaria Programme (SuNMaP) project with Malaria Consortium as the technical partner to reach the general population, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, with evidence-based interventions that would help control the disease and reduce the malaria burden. With DAI Europe, we have condcuted a market assessment in Niger Delta in 2018 that contributed in creating an efficient market system that produces equitable outcomes for the poor. We have also worked with Montrose International on Markets for Poor (M4P) interventions under the DFID-funded Nigeria SUNMAP Project. Furthermore, we have worked on a number of assignments to support the Nigerian meat and leather industries. You can learn more about our works from the completed projects section below.

Since 2010, Innovision has been working in Nigeria to support development interventions with the goal to deliver systemic change, fostering inclusive and sustainable growth with a view to having a significant impact in the country’s socio-economic development. Our team of professionals bring in expertise and experience in a variety of areas including agriculture and agribusiness development, health and nutrition, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), market systems development, value chain development, private sector development, women’s economic empowerment, extreme poverty alleviation, climate change and disaster risk reduction, financial inclusion, and skills development. We have years of experience of working with the development organizations, government agencies, private sector, and civil society organizations in carrying out research, technical assistance, and M&E projects and assignments.

Projects Completed

2018 – DAI Europe – Mid Term Internal Assessment of the Market Development in Niger Delta (MADE)

2015 – Montrose International LLP – Support on M4P Interventions to the Commercial Sector Component of the DFID Nigeria SUNMAP Project

2013 – Montrose International LLP – Making Markets Work for LLINs and Value Chain Analysis of RDTs

2013 – Montrose International LLP – Technical Backstopping on M4P for the Support to National Malaria Program (SuNMaP)

2012 – DFID – Support for Meat and Leather Industry

2012 – Montrose International LLP – SUNMAP Commercial Sector Assessment in Nigeria

2011 – GEMS – Assessment of Finished Leather Goods Sector in Nigeria

2010 – GRM International – Support for Meat and Leather Industry

monitor and evaluation

The Innovision Nigeria team is experienced in the management of large-scale projects in the areas of poverty eradication, health, and nutrition. Over the last 14 years, the team members of Innovision have been implementing market development projects in various sectors in a number of African and Asian countries and are capable of applying their hands-on experience in analyzing market dynamics and constraints that hinder systemic growth and designing market solving interventions in accordance. The team also specializes in conducting facilitating public-private partnership, policy-level advocacy, impact evaluations (baseline, midline, and end line surveys). Our experts have worked in 17 countries around globe and consulted in the projects funded by the donors and development partners including DFID/FCDO, USAID, World Bank Group, European Union (EU) and a number of UN organizations.

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