Sadruddin Imran

Sadruddin Imran is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innovision Consulting. Over the last 20 years, Imran has worked extensively in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Zambia, and Yemen in the capacity of technical advisor, researcher, program manager, and evaluator. He was the team leader in conducting market assessments and value chain assessments of many national and international conducts. Imran has enormous experience in working with partnerships between the public and private sectors for development over the past decade. He has conducted training in M4P approaches and value chain development in Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Yemen. Imran also has the experience of working for a very wide range of donors such as DFID, SDC, EU, DANIDA, GIZ, and USAID Bangladesh. He worked as the project director for projects managed by Innovision Consulting in the fisheries, seed, livestock fertiliser, furniture, and ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) sectors in Bangladesh. Imran possesses extensive experience in assessment, intervention design, and implementation in the private health market in Bangladesh and Nigeria. He established businesses in Bangladesh and abroad and steered those to flourish in the areas of consulting, agribusiness and manufacturing. Imran completed his MBA (2006) and BBA (2002) from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) – University of Dhaka. He also holds a diploma on management and implementation of development projects (2004) from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.