Md Al Imran Rumon

Md Al Imran Rumon is a business development professional with an impressive track record in various sectors, ranging from consulting firms and UN agencies to development organizations. With 9 years of experience under his belt, Rumon has demonstrated expertise in business development, program implementation, and strategic communications. Rumon has collaborated extensively with various ministries, development sector organizations, consulting firms, and private sector entities. Currently, Rumon serves as the Head of Innovision Consulting’s Business Development and Communications team. In this capacity, he spearheads the company’s growth initiatives by crafting compelling value propositions, forging partnerships, and executing impactful communication strategies. Impressively, Rumon boasts an exceptional 45% success rate in bid management, a testament to his strategic acumen and persuasive capabilities. Rumon’s influence extends beyond his current role, as he played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable growth for a previous organization. Leading both the Business Development and Program Implementation teams, he orchestrated an astounding 11-fold expansion over just 5 years. During the period from 2015 to 2021, he masterminded the design and execution of over 170 training and capacity development projects. A business graduate and an ex-cadet, Rumon possesses a unique blend of educational background and practical experience. Beyond his technical qualifications, he possesses exceptional public speaking abilities, strategic thinking prowess, and strong decision-making skills.