Innovision Supports 3ie in Evaluating Transformative Aquaculture Project in Bangladesh

Innovision is working with the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) to collect data for evaluating a large-scale aquaculture project of WorldFish titled “Aquaculture: increasing income, diversifying diets, and empowering women in Bangladesh” project. The purpose of this aquaculture project is to promote improved and sustainable aquaculture management and technology. It seeks to enhance fish farmers’ understanding of better feeding methods and disease management, while also promoting the consumption of fish for improved diets and empowering women through increased decision-making and entrepreneurship.


Innovision is collecting data in 57 sub-districts across Rajshahi and Rangpur Divisions of Bangladesh with a robust methodology and data quality mechanism. Innovision recruited and trained a specialized field team comprising 135 individuals. These team members underwent a comprehensive 15-day training program including field piloting, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct meticulous data collection from men and women respondents of 3,716 households and 200 local service providers.



Using the CAPI method, the Innovision team members are providing real time data to have been conducting extensive interviews, spanning 4.5 hours with male respondents and 2.5 hours with female respondents. The data covers a range of topics including aquaculture, agriculture, nutrition, children’s well-being, women’s empowerment, and their involvement in aquaculture and agriculture decision-making.


This concerted effort of Innovision and 3ie not only underscores a commitment to sustainable aquaculture and women’s empowerment but also sets the stage for well-informed decisions that can catalyze positive change in the region’s socio-economic landscape.