Innovision Partners with ETI Bangladesh to Foster RMG Worker Engagement in Climate Resilience

To encourage greater worker engagement in climate resilience and adaptation within Bangladesh’s Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector, Innovision Consulting has partnered with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Bangladesh to facilitate green social dialogue at the factory level. This 15-month endeavor aims to raise awareness among RMG workers and civil society representatives regarding their involvement in addressing the effects of climate change on RMG workers.


The concept of green social dialogue entails a collaborative and structured communication process involving various stakeholders, such as workers, employers, government agencies, and civil society, with the aim of addressing environmental and sustainability issues within workplaces and industries. It seeks to foster discussions, negotiations, and partnerships that promote environmentally responsible practices, resource conservation, and sustainable development while considering the interests and well-being of all involved parties.



Innovision initiated the project with a comprehensive needs assessment conducted within ten selected factories to evaluate the current state of knowledge, attitudes, and practices among the workforce concerning climate change and environmental sustainability. After completing this needs assessment phase, Innovision developed and delivered Green Social Dialogue (GSD) training programs. These training sessions were administered to a total of 155 workers, 79 individuals from the Health and Safety as well as Utility and Maintenance teams, and 81 representatives from both trade unions and management personnel across four different RMG factories namely Turag Garments & Hosiery Mills Ltd, Aman Sweaters Ltd, Essential Clothing Ltd, and Apex Fashion Wear Ltd.


Additionally, as part of the project’s ongoing efforts, Innovision will be implementing Behavior Change Communication (BCC) campaigns within these factories to further promote awareness and action regarding climate change and environmental sustainability. The project prioritizes gender inclusivity, recognizing climate change’s gender-specific impact in factories, with a strong focus on female beneficiaries.


The collaborative efforts of Innovision Consulting and ETI Bangladesh are paving the way for a more environmentally responsible and resilient RMG sector in Bangladesh. Empowering both workers and management with the necessary knowledge and resources to address the challenges of climate change is key to ensuring the industry’s enduring sustainability and making a positive difference.