Innovision Consulting CEO Highlights Income Inequality and Sustainability at Strategy Summit 2023

During the Strategy Summit 2023 organized by Valor of Bangladesh, Sadruddin Imran, the Chairman and CEO of Innovision Consulting, delivered an address focusing on the contributions of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-government Organizations (NGOs) in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. In his address, he highlighted how NGOs and CSOs contributed to building a parallel economy in Bangladesh alongside undertaking humanitarian actions during emergencies.



As a panelist on the “Sustainable Inclusive Economy” panel at the event, Imran remarked that the per capita GDP of Bangladesh should be interpreted in the context of the Gini coefficient, which indicates rising levels of inequality in Bangladesh. He shed light on the potential of civil society organizations in addressing this challenge. He emphasized that these organizations could serve as catalysts, effectively bridging the interests of individual businesses and sectors with one another. Furthermore, they can facilitate harmonious dialogue and collaboration between the private sector, regulators, and the government. Imran also highlighted the significance of advocating for the local implementation of global best practices in sustainability.


Innovision Consulting was the Knowledge Partner in facilitating this year’s summit, held from September 2-3, 2023, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The summit’s central theme, “Advancing Economic Sustainability,” attracted participation from the nation’s preeminent C-suite executives, influential policymakers, visionary business leaders, esteemed academics, accomplished economists, and leading sustainability experts.