Innovision and DAI Collaborate to Strengthen Pubali Bank’s Green Lending Efforts

Innovision Consulting is partnering with Pubali Bank Limited, one of Bangladesh’s leading private commercial banks, to explore new avenues within green finance. In collaboration with DAI, as part of the British International Investment (BII)-funded FSG Plus initiative, Innovision is currently supporting Pubali in the process of aligning their lending practices with Green Lending Principles. The primary objective of this project is to bolster Pubali Bank’s capacities, governance, processes, and compliance to become a champion of environmental sustainability and a strong supporter of climate change initiatives.


Green financing is designed to fund projects that make the world greener and more environmentally friendly and support sustainable business practices. These responsible business practices help combat climate change and move the world towards a more sustainable future.


Led by Fatema Tuz Johora, Portfolio Manager at Innovision, the Innovision team includes several renowned experts in the fields of green finance, sustainable finance, and the financial sector. The team’s initial focus involved a comprehensive evaluation of Pubali Bank’s current sustainable business practices. Through diagnostic assessments and interviews with Pubali Bank’s management, Innovision emphasized aligning the bank’s lending practices with the Green Lending Principles, extending this alignment throughout the organization. Innovision is also actively supporting the Pubali Bank’s team through training initiatives. The efforts aim to equip Pubali’s staff with the necessary skills to comprehend and implement the Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) taxonomy and Green Loan Principles in their daily operations. This strategic approach is poised to empower Pubali Bank Limited to confidently embark on its green finance journey, making a significant positive impact on both the environment and its financial pursuits.


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