Contributor: By Innovision Consulting

Innovision Consulting has been awarded by IRRI to conduct a Study on the Local and International market demand for Fine Grained and Aromatic Rice varieties. Innovision’s work will focus on understanding the current and potential size of the market and the number of farmers currently growing fine grained and aromatic rice varieties. The study is set on the context that (i) with the growing economy the demand for high value aromatic rice varieties is increasing in Bangladesh (ii) the growth in demand has led to new market entrants, importers and distributors of imported aromatic rice varieties and also distributors of locally produced aromatic rice varieties and (iii) the growth in demand has led to increasing number of farmers growing the varieties for local and international market. The findings from the study would help the development organizations, policy makers, and other stakeholders to gain insights which will be essential in the planning and development of future interventions in the rice value chain.

The study is commissioned under the Feed the Future Bangladesh Rice Value Chain (RVC) project, a 15 month pilot project starting on 1st October 2015 and ending on the 31st December 2016. It is funded by USAID Bangladesh and will support the private sector improve the efficiency of the rice value chain.