HealthTech in Bangladesh

Healthtech is the use of technology in healthcare with an aim to improve efficiency, yield, and profitability. Healthtech startups work on services, products, or applications that are derived from healthcare, improving various processes. Healthtech ventures are businesses that are working with healthtech. It can be SMEs, ventures of large corporations.


The study relies heavily on data from industry experts, and private sector publications, instead of government publications for lack of availability. The study also has made several assumptions and estimations, which has limitations to some extent. The study has been done to provide a snapshot of the Bangladeshi healthtech ecosystem. The team has also identified the challenges and opportunities for the present startups, SMEs, ventures, VC funds, and government bodies. It is hoped that the report will be in assistance to policymakers, ecosystem stakeholders, academicians, and students.


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Healthtech in Bangladesh (July 2022)