Facilitating Resilience: A Note from the Field

Contributor: Md. Rubaiyath Sarwar

When I last visited this group in 2016, they were still transitioning from extreme poverty to out of poverty. Today, five years since the PRIME programme ended, this group has turned out to be an example of resilience, grit, and entrepreneurship. When they started through small asset grants and micro-credit in 2011, they were still dependent on seasonal labor. Now, each household is engaged in multiple trades- from crab fattening to shrimp farming to hardware stores. They have sustained the loss from trade due to COVID 19 and persisted in growth through diversified trade. And this is one of the remotest places in the country at the tip of the Sundarbans. Asset building- expansion- diversification- the laddered approach for extreme poverty graduation that came out from my works in 2015-2016 was glaringly evident in front of my eyes and my heart raced with joy. Nothing feels better than to see the hard toil of the people in the field yielding results. Congratulating my fellow team members at Innovision for being able to help people in a meaningful way!


Click here to access the report developed by the Innovision team titled ‘Sustainable Transformation Out of Extreme Poverty: Pathway Analysis of the PKSF Prosper Programme’’.