Exploring the Path to a Sustainable Future: ESG Practices in Bangladeshi Businesses


Businesses in Bangladesh face challenges in balancing growth with environmental sustainability, social welfare, and robust governance. However, there is a rapid increase in the adoption of ESG practices among Bangladeshi businesses due to heightened awareness of sustainability issues. For instance, one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country, DBL Group, is setting an outstanding example of ESG adoption through the installation of solar panels and water recycling systems within its factories. Companies like Apex Footwear provide health insurance and educational opportunities to their workers, while bKash is promoting financial inclusion through technology on a mass scale, reaching over 45 million users. Such efforts are driving long-term resilience and prosperity of the economy while ensuring resource efficiency and operation cost minimization.


In this report, Fatema Tuz Johora, a Climate Finance Expert, and Yeasir Arafat, an Environmental Economist with Expertise in ESG and Climate Change, write about how Bangladeshi companies are making significant strides and commitments towards sustainable business practices.


As we witness these positive changes, it is imperative for all stakeholders—business leaders, policymakers, and the broader community—to continue championing and supporting ESG initiatives. By investing in sustainable practices and fostering a culture of social and environmental responsibility, we can ensure a resilient and prosperous future for Bangladesh. Let us join hands in promoting and implementing ESG principles to build a sustainable and inclusive economy!


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