Agritech in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has a superior competitive advantage of being of the most fertile delta/land on this earth, the country is blessed with superior agricultural industry from ancient times. Also in modern times, it has one of the most robust agricultural research and development infrastructure/institutes & scientific manpower among the development countries. Also agriculture holds a massive chunk of its GDP, even bigger than some hot startup grounds like- retail, education, health, etc. Given all this, it is surprising to say the least that Bangladesh has not see surge of agri-tech startups yet. Our assumption is local entrepreneurs, investors and startup stakeholders are not yet aware of its massive opportunity size. That’s the inspiration of this report.

The study has been done to provide a snapshot of the Bangladeshi Agritech ecosystem. The team has also identified the challenges and opportunities for the present startups, SMEs, ventures, VC funds, and government bodies. It is hoped that the report will be in assistance to entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, ecosystem stakeholders, academicians, and students.


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Agritech in Bangladesh (November 2022)