Contributor: By Innovision Consulting

Innovision will work for Practical Action Bangladesh to develop a branding and marketing plan for sandbar pumpkins. This is the second award that Innovision has received under the USAID funded global initiative called Securing Water for Food (SWFF). The core objective of the proposed marketing campaign is to determine and establish features of the Sandbar pumpkin that could make it attractive to the institutional and the retail market. In this regard, Innovision will conduct an assessment of the sandbar pumpkin to understand the unique selling proposition, develop a marketing campaign and conduct trials of the marketing material.

Innovision will also help Practical Action to establish trade deals with potential forward market actors i.e. food processors, exporters and other institutional buyers to sustain the market for sandbar pumpkin. The sandbar pumpkins, named after the production technique called sandbar cropping, are being cultivated by extreme poor households in sandbars owned by the government as unsettled land. While the production technique has been proven to be effective and inclusive to the poor, the market for sandbar pumpkins is yet to reach a scale that could induce and sustain production by the extreme poor. The branding and marketing exercise to be undertaken by Innovision is expected to mitigate this challenge by stimulating the market demand for sandbar pumpkins.”