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NIUBI Partition Editor 9

Magic Partition software for Windows PC. System C drive is filling up and there is no free space to install updates or applications? Don’t worry, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition will help you solve this problem easily. Better than other tools, this magical partition management software integrates a unique Roll-Back data protection technology that is able to automatically restore your computer to its pre-resize state in ONE second if any software error or hardware problem occurs, so you don’t have to worry about data security. Optimized file transfer algorithm helps you resize partitions at least 30% faster than ANY other tool.

It works similar to Partition Magic but is more powerful. This partition management software supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (both 32-64 bit). NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Edition is not only a partition reorganizer, but also an all-in-one toolkit. It helps you copy data transfer partitions, create, delete, format, hide, activate, defragment, change partitions and more to better manage disk partitions and improve system performance.

What is it really about and what can it bring you?

Like most other versatile disk management tools, it can help you resize, create, hide, format, move, rename, delete, and perform various other operations on computer partitions, mostly without restarting the computer.
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In addition, it is also capable of transferring data and changing the state of a partition between logical and primary without having to do anything more than a few mouse clicks on your part. In addition, it can easily convert NTFS drives to FAT32 and vice versa.

Other important features include the application’s virtual mode, which prevents potentially catastrophic disk management errors (meaning you can retrace your steps before proceeding with changes). It also provides support for multiple storage options such as internal and external hard drives (Hyper-V, VMware virtual disks, all types of hardware RAID).

Some feedback on its installation and user interface and more importantly the paid version

We’re happy to report that NIUBI Partition Editor is as user-friendly and widely available as most similar solutions, although you might prefer it in a slightly more stylish package.

Installation is easy across all versions with few changes to the overall user experience between tiers. While we’re on the subject, we’d like to point out that, unsurprisingly, some advanced features are only available in the paid version.

For example, by choosing one of the paid versions, you get the handy RollBack data protection feature, as well as the ability to create all kinds of bootable media. There is also a Server Edition which, as the name suggests, has all the benefits of the Professional edition with the added bonus of being able to run on a Windows server. More information about product editions can be found here.

An all-in-one disk management tool that’s worth considering even if it doesn’t stand out much from the competition

In short, NIUBI Partition Editor is an all-in-one disk management solution that packs a punchuseful and advanced features available in multiple versions that should be useful for both everyday and professional users…

NIUBI Partition Editor 9

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