Avira System Speedup Pro 6 torrent

Avira System Speedup Pro 6

Rediscover the look of a fast and smooth PC, now complete with a one-click privacy cleaner. The swiss army knife of focus tools. Get ready for faster launches and smoother browsing. https://www.sungreatenergy.com/drivermax-pro-15-32bit-64bit-download-free-torrent/ From now on, you will be faster, much less subject to crashes and you will be able to protect your personal information from hackers and spies.

Keep your computer clean and light

First, free up gigabytes of space on your hard drive by deleting obsolete and duplicate files. Then prevent idle software from consuming your memory unnecessarily.

Avoid system freezes and crashes

Save yourself an expensive trip to the computer repair shop. With just one click, System Speedup fixes errors, fixes corrupted settings and cleans the registry.
To make sure that you have accidentally lost or deleted a file, System Speedup helps you recover it.

Initialization takes time. A few seconds actually.

Our range of tuning tools lets you get going at full speed.

Boost your performance and battery life.

Get ready for faster browsing and gaming. Just one click to free up memory, defragment your system, optimize processes and fix disk permissions. Does your battery always die when you travel? No more. Like a smart power saving mode on your smartphone, System Speedup makes your PC battery last, last, and last!

Enhance your gaming experience

System Speedup Pro now includes a built-in Game Booster.

Free up game resources

Focus all resources on your game by disabling unnecessary processes running in the background. The end result? Smoother games for a more enjoyable experience.

Create a virtual game hard drive

Speed ​​up boot times by defragmenting game folders and creating a dedicated gaming area in RAM. And when you aredone, your PC will be reset to its original state before the game.

Leave no digital traces

Your online activities say who you are. System Speedup erases these tracks by erasing confidential information from over 2,500 computer applications and removing evidence of every website you’ve visited, every video you’ve watched, and every file you’ve downloaded. This makes your sensitive data unrecoverable from hackers and nosy coworkers…

Avira System Speedup Pro 6

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