Assignment Name:

Market Study of Ethiopian Apparel, Textile and Leather Manufacturing sector

Name of Client:
Funded by:

DAI Europe Ltd (Ethiopian)

Duration of assignment (months):
Start date (month/year):
Completion date (month/year):

2 months
21 November, 2015
22 January, 2015

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:

Addis Ababa
2 months

Narrative description of Project:

DAI Europe, together with its consortium partner First Consult; Enclude; and ITAD, is managing the DFID funded Enterprise Partners (EP) and Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP) which aim to support and transform the private sector and Ethiopia’s continued economic growth over the next few years. EP is following Making Market Work for the Poor approach and had two main pillars.

  1. Finance Group,
  2. Agro-industrial Group (AIG)

To achieve its target AIG is currently active in cotton inputs, manufacturing labour, veterinary services, and inputs for leather manufacturing market. In order to do that EP needed to analyse the overall apparel, textile and leather manufacturing market and through this study, look beyond the already taken intervention areas. Therefore, EP sought to contract Innovision to undertake a market study on Ethiopian Apparel, Textile and Leather manufacturing sectors.

The objectives of the study were:

  • To conduct end market analysis for Ethiopian Apparel, Textile and Leather manufacturing sector
  • To conduct a detailed market system analysis:
    • Identification of different markets within Apparel, Textile and Leather sector: Market size, performance, and growth analysis
    • Identification of key indicators for growth for the sectors
    • Stakeholder analysis (Public and Private sector): Size and performance of stakeholders
    • Analysis of different industry services/support markets
  • Identification of key constraints and opportunities (both systematic and stakeholder specific)
  • Benchmark with international experience
  • Identification of strategic prioritization for EP considering its target and feasibility of implementation, propose set of recommendations.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The market study of Apparel and Textile and Leather manufacturing followed similar research steps. There was a separate team for Apparel and Textile sector and Leather manufacturing sector and the team leader supported both the sector assessment teams. Each of the team comprised of one international and one national consultant. The research steps included:

  • Review all relevant literature on the end market, and market systems of the Ethiopian
  • Apparel and Textile and Leather manufacturing industries as well as that of the support markets and international market.
  • Review all relevant project documents to have a better understanding about the project goal, available resources, on-going and completed interventions, project priorities, beneficiaries, area coverage.
  • Design question guides for each level of the market system
  • Design the field study and activity plan, sampling plan and sample distribution to conduct the field investigation
  • Collect primary data arranging FGDs and IDIs
  • Identify constraints and opportunities for each of the sectors
  • Identify a set of suggestive intervention areas
  • Using the analysis prepare a draft report ensuring all required information as required by the objective of the study.
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