Assignment Name:

Localized Business Development Support for Privatized Emptying Services in Dhaka

Name of Client:
Funded by:

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

Duration of assignment (months):
Start date (month/year):
Completion date (month/year):

2 Months
July 2016
August 2016

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:

2 Months

Narrative description of Project:

WSUP is developing water and sanitation ventures for low-income markets in urban regions of developing countries. The vision is for the new models to demonstrate the viability of market-based approaches to distribution of new sanitation hardware and services that better facilitate
decentralized faecal sludge management in rapidly growing urban areas, to be replicated by local partners across jurisdictions with help from WSUP.

In Dhaka, WSUP has been supporting a private company (SME) to provide emptying services using mechanical ‘vacutug’ trucks. WSUP is now aiming for the service to become completely self-sustaining, and for it to expand to cover all of Dhaka. The project was to review existing service provision, develop recommendations for optimisation and create a business plan for expansion.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Innovision conducted a customer profile survey using numbers and addresses provided by the client to build up the necessary data to draw out key customer insights based on demographic information. Innovision also conducted in-depth interviews with selected customers to develop service recommendations and assess customer satisfaction.

Innovision also conducted an operational analysis- which involved following and observing service providers in action and analyzing how they functioned. Combined with interviews of key individuals within the organization, this enabled Innovision to make recommendations on how to optimize service delivery and deployment of staff time and resources.

Finally, Innovision analyzed financial information including balance sheet, sales figures, income levels etc. to assess how the company could grow its operations sustainably. Innovision made recommendations on a new pricing strategy and provided a full financial analysis of past operations.


  • Marketing Analysis – review of materials used, messaging, timing, reach. Review of current expansion plan and costs of customer acquisition.
  • Management Analysis
  • Operational Analysis – mapping of service bottlenecks, profitability analysis, key efficiency analysis of service provision and delivery, analysis of existing leasing structure and ability to increase capacity and associated finance implications
  • Customer Analysis – customer profiling analysis, customer satisfaction analysis and retention, review of customer demand.
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