Assignment Name:

End of Project Review/Evaluation of “Unnoti….Prosperity in Haor” project

Name of Client:
Funded by:

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

Duration of assignment (months):
Start date (month/year):
Completion date (month/year):

6 Months
01 July, 2013
31 December, 2015

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:


Narrative description of Project:

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation (HIS) Bangladesh implemented the “Unnoti…Prosperity in Haor” financed by GoB, UKAid and SDC through Economic Empowerment of the Poorest (EEP) programme. The project intended to graduate 8,500 extreme poor households (BHH) out of extreme poverty in Haor area of Sunamganj district. Sixty percent of those households were supposed to increase their monthly income at least BDT 3,000 (5 member family) within two and half years.

The management of HIS Bangladesh engaged Innovision to see the outcome of the project on the following objectives:

  • To assess the extent “Unnoti….Prosperity in Haor” has achieved its outputs/objectives by the end of the project
  • To review performance of project partners and assess the extent to which the project has achieved value of the money as defined in the DFID VFM framework
  • To document operational lessons of the “Unnoti….Prosperity in Haor” Project to feed into future programming.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The Consultant carried out the following tasks:

  • Desk based review: reading concept note, project proposal, log frame, annual report and project budget, monitoring reports, audit reports, other relevant documents and EEP/Shiree ToC etc
  • Meeting/workshop: with relevant staff of HIS Bangladesh and EEP/Shiree
  • Field visit: FGD, key information interviews, meetings with HELVETAS & it’s sub partners IDEA/ERA staff & community representatives; observing field activities
  • Data analysis and report writing: to include qualitative and quantitative data, triangulation of findings etc
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