Assignment Name:

Economic Dialogue on Green Growth Programme

Name of Client:
Funded by:

Adam Smith International

Duration of assignment (months):
Start date (month/year):
Completion date (month/year):

32 Months
01 February 2016
30 September, 2018

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:

104 Months

Narrative description of Project:

The Economic Dialogue for Green Growth is a research and advocacy programme funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. It is one of three components of the wider Strengthening Economic Systems in Bangladesh programme. The programme’s aim are to deliver high quality independent research to encourage dialogue on sustainable development, ultimately resulting in revised national level policies and ‘greener growth’.

Programme activities are centred on generating policy dialogue and thematic research on green growth. The programme will develop reports and diagnostic studies across a number of policy-relevant thematic areas related to green growth and climate change, which include detailed policy recommendations for government. The programme team will then host quarterly workshops with high level stakeholders, including the GoB, CSOs and donors, to present key findings from programme research and to encourage dialogue on policy recommendations. The programme will also hold an annual dissemination event which will present the findings of our research to a wider range of stakeholders.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Innovision Consulting is acting as the national implementing partner for this project. Innovision have supplied the majority of the project team, as well as quality assurance and oversight over key deliverables. Through its project staff, Innovision are responsible for:

  • Programme Stakeholder Analysis
  • Organizing quarterly policy dialogue sessions and annual dissemination event.
  • Advising on research plan and sequencing of studies
  • Developing research questions and scope
  • Developing research methodology and tools
  • Background research, literature reviews etc.
  • Financial Management and reporting of EDGG programme
  • Procure goods and services at local level
  • Create knowledge management system for project
  • Monitoring security reports to ensure project staff safety.

Innovision are also responsible for identifying, interviewing and jointly selecting a pool of highly skilled national senior researchers and technical expert to lead the individual research pieces which are the main output of the programme. Innovision are also responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the programme- developing an innovative and bespoke monitoring system for a highly complex advocacy programme.

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