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Capacity Assessment & Training of Target RMG Factories for ‘Working with Women Project’

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Duration of assignment (months):
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Completion date (month/year):

8 Months
7 April, 2015
31 December, 2015

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:


Narrative description of Project:

SNV aimed to undertake a comprehensive capacity assessment of selected garment factories to include or expand responsible business practices within their factories. The purpose of the study was to use the findings to develop a training module to enhance the capacity of RMG factories to include or expand responsible business practices in their factories, track and report business benefits, and market their business practice through building links with international responsible business buyers.

The areas of assessment were:

  • Current capacity gaps of Monitoring, Knowledge Management practices and systems in place for integrating SRHR intervention
  • Tracking and measuring impact of good practices on their business
  • Capacity of reporting/promoting the business case in national and international market.

Following the capacity assessment, training was provided in the following areas:

  • To assess the existing strengths, needs and gaps of each target ready-made garment factories in areas of Monitoring, Knowledge Management practices and help put systems in place for integrating SRHR intervention and measuring their impact on the business and
  • To train RMG factories to track, record, report and promote good practices and business case as well to international buyers and stakeholders
  • To help factories implement sustainable and quality SRHR services through an Inclusive Business model.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The consultancy involved the following:

  • Develop a SMART inception plan which details the scope, approach, methodology, profile of target RMG factories, profile of respondents, expected results, coverage and the other pertinent information from the factories.
  • Carry out a comprehensive desk review, as part of the initiation phase.
  • Prepare appropriate tools, questionnaire, guidelines for the capacity assessment
  • Field test and make the appropriate adjustment to the assessment tool and approach prior to the capacity assessment
  • Using the designed tools, collect data from the RMG factories to understand their capabilities and thus identify the strength and gaps
  • Conduct a comprehensive desk review on assessment findings to design & develop capacity development programs. Based on the capacity assessment and identified areas of improvement, develop a detailed capacity building plan which would cover specific training events, on-site coaching, mentoring and follow-up, especially focusing monitoring, knowledge management and communication.
  • Organize a dissemination meeting and share the report of the capacity assessment with the project personnel of SNV.
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