Assignment Name:

Baseline study for Investigating Application and Adoption of Quality Standards for Agricultural Inputs

Name of Client:
Funded by:

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)
Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA)

Duration of assignment (months):
Start date (month/year):
Completion date (month/year):

3 Months
1 August, 2015
31 October, 2015

Location within country:
Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:

Khulna & Barisal Division
3 months

Narrative description of Project:

AIRN/AIP is working with retailers who have direct interactions with their client farmers through sale of inputs, providing embedded services, and other formal and informal training. Once the retailers are trained in quality standards, they can apply standards in their business operations and deliver these same standards to their client farmers. Consequently, client farmers should apply and adopt these standards as well.

This project aimed to assess retailer and farmer progress through a survey according to three levels of attainment:

  1. Awareness: understanding quality standard;
  2. Application, and;
  3. Adoption.

They wanted to assess supply and demand dynamics through a study of retailers and client farmers, respectively, to evaluate application and adoption of quality standards.

It was anticipated that AIRN client farmers would be more knowledgeable and better adopted to quality standards than farmers served by non-AIRN retailers. The measurement methodology, therefore, included control experimentation to determine unique AIRN/AIP attributes.

There were four groups to be assessed:

  • AIRN accredited retailers
  • Smallholder farmers served by AIRN retailers (program groups)
  • Non-AIRN retailers
  • Smallholder farmers served by non-AIRN retailers (control groups)

Appropriate sampling techniques were applied to lists of AIRN retailers and client farmers while the comparison groups were chosen through application of standard research techniques. AIRN/AIP provided a list of 650 AIRN retailers and approximately 30,000 farmers served by AIRN retailers to form the sampling frame

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Under the project Innovision had to complete the following:

  • Review the relevant project documents and database to develop the study methodology with sampling strategy and other instruments (questionnaire, checklist, template, etc.) in close consultation with AIP project staff
  • Share the survey tools and methods, including sampling strategy, to get approval from AIP before starting field work
  • Manage the survey and data management teams through organized orientation sessions and continued support and oversight throughout the entire duration of the study
  • Complete a survey of retailers and client farmers selected through the agreed and approved sampling strategy and survey methodology
  • Create a database of survey findings; review and ensure the quality of data
  • Analyze data and disaggregate results (by sex, geographical coverage division, association with agro-input company etc.)
  • Present key findings to AIP staff and develop, write and disseminate report
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